Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Snowflake forms are the quickest way I’ve found to whip up beaded ornaments in a hurry. The only hard part of using these pre-made wire forms is fitting your beads into the sharp angles at the center of the form. But you can use today’s tips to make a whole flurry of sparkling snowflakes!


Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Polyethylene beading threads, like FireLine, are some of the most durable bead weaving threads available. If I use FireLine to weave a project I’m confident my jewelry won’t break or tear over time. But the durability that makes a project last longer can also wreak havoc on your beading scissors. Luckily you can use today’s […]

An A – Z of Gemstones and Their Meaning

Moving onto the letter B!

Blackstone (also called Black Jasper) Black Jasper is a completely black stone with a highly protective healing energy. It is said to bring good luck to the bearer in any kind of fight. It can also be used for protection against lightning. Physically, black jasper is said to be […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Lanyards make great gifts for teachers and one special teacher I know is getting a custom beaded lanyard for Christmas this year! Since I know this lanyard is going to be in an elementary school with lots of little grabby hands, I asked my co-worker Rebecca for advice. You can use her trick […]

Holiday Fun with Memory Wire!

Using memory wire for fun festive holiday decorations is a wonderful DIY option to wow your guests! I decided I wanted to make wine markers for Thanksgiving this year, but also had the idea to match them with napkin rings and to decorate the candle holders/vases I’ll have at the table. First I grabbed […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I love our Golden Moss Earrings and wanted to make my own version of these sparkling earrings. The leaf chain featured in this design has two little leaf charms attached to each closed link of the chain. As I cut my chain to size I realized I had two loose leaves for each cut. Don’t […]