Rebecca’s Moulin Rouge Headdress!

sad diamonds

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I always wanted to make the amazing headdress from the movie Moulin Rouge, but was hesitant because I had no idea where to start. Finally, after years of planning and dreaming, I cracked the code and was able to finish a piece I am really proud of!

The first step was to create the headdress foundation. I used a small Christmas wreath from a craft store and an existing wire frame work to start.

beginning materials

head bandI then made a foundation using a thick fabric called Buckram, layering strips of the material soaked in glue to build up the form on the wires. This was a great tip from my wonderful co-worker Gretchen! It was really one of the most important construction techniques I used. I am gratefully for the abundance of help I can find at Fusion Beads!

building foundationNow it was time for the fabric and the bead embellishment!

beading the spires

embellishingHere’s the final piece! I’m all set for the Fusion Beads Halloween costume competition this Friday!


moulin rouge finalHappy Halloween – Rebecca





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