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tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I recently tried out the Vintaj OneStep Loop Plier, a tool that reduces the shaping and trimming of a simple loop into one single step, making the same size and shape of loop each time. While an experienced beader can make simple loops just as uniform as these pliers, this tool is perfect for mass producing simple loop bead dangles or links. You can use today’s tips to speed up your next big simple loop project!

Whether you use head pins or eye pins, you need to make sure that your wire tail is long enough to fit through the hole on the cutting arm of the tool. Using the hole keeps your wire steady as the tool works to shape it around the peg and helps ensure a better result.

Vintaj Looping Pliers remember to leave a tailA lot of my loops started out shaped like a letter P instead of a more desirable lollipop. You can easily change the angle of your loop by pushing your bead to the left while the loop is still on your pliers.

Vintaj Looping Pliers Adjusting your loopDon’t worry if the Loop Pliers aren’t closing your loops completely flush. Odds are you’ll open each loop again to attach it to something. You can adjust the loops when you close them later or slide them back in the Loop Pliers for an extra squeeze.

Sharp pulls might deform your wire, so if your loop gets stuck on the peg try wiggling it side to side, while gently pulling towards you. I’m making bead links for an opera length necklace and the using these Loop Pliers instead of round and chain nose pliers and a pair of cutters is reducing my production time by half!

Vintaj Looping Pliers Mass ProductionFind out more about how to use the Vintaj OneStep Loop Pliers in our step-by-step technique!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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