Happy Hallow-Bling!


Crystal and Silver Pumpkins - Group As some of you may know, I love sparkle! I love crystals and glitter – anything sparkly. So, when my niece invited me to a pumpkin decorating party with the rest of the girls in the family, I knew exactly what I was going to use to decorate my pumpkins.

Pumpkin Party Essential Supplies

Pumpkin party essential supplies including wine.

First stop, the hardware store. I wanted to cover my pumpkins in silver glitter paint. But since pumpkins have that waxy element to their skin, I also needed a primer for my glitter paint to adhere to.

Then, I had to pick up some pumpkins. I love the little pumpkins that are short and squatty. I grabbed a few of those and a bigger pumpkin. Now, as an alternative to real pumpkins that won’t last through Thanksgiving, you can do this same project using plastic pumpkins from the craft store.

I completely covered my pumpkins in primer and let them dry. Then I went back with a good coat of silver glitter spray paint. This could have been fun with black glitter spray paint too. I had to wait for them to dry between coats. It was so hard to be so patient. But I was able to watch my creative family decorating all of their pumpkins. And of course I was able to have a glass of wine and some delicious snacks.

Primer Painted Pumpkins

One coat of primer spray paint.

Silver Glitter Spray Painted Pumpkins

One coat of silver glitter spray paint.

Check out how creative these girls are! I would never have thought to use wire on my pumpkin nor do I have the patience to paint little monsters all over my pumpkins.

Wired Pumpkin

Monster Pumpkin

My niece, Britney and her monster painted pumpkin.

Ok, once my paint was finally dry (or dry enough), I brought it inside and used my Crystal Katana, Swarovski crystal flat backs and E6000 glue to add even more sparkle! One by one I added my crystals. I’m in love with how they turned out. I wasn’t able to finish all of them this night. I thought I could finish all four pumpkins (I don’t know what I was thinking) but I was only able to finish 2 of the little ones.

Lindsay with Finished Mini Pumpkins

Crystal and Silver Pumpkins - Group

Crystal and Silver Pumpkins - Close UpGrab some friends and family and some pumpkins and start creating. You don’t have to just carve the pumpkins…add your personal touch.

Seahawks Pumpkin

Eva with her Seahawks 12th Man pumpkin. Go Hawks!

Black and Orange Glitter Pumpkin

Aunt Anne with her classy black and orange glitter pumpkin.

Wired Pumpkin

My niece, Laurissa with her creative and creepy wire smile pumpkin.


– Lindsay




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