Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


As the holidays get closer and the days get shorter, I starting looking for ways to brighten up my projects with more sparkle! I’ve been working with our Metallic Soutache Cords this week noticed my needle was getting stuck every few stitches. You can use today’s tip to work around this problem and still have maximum shine in your projects!

Halloween Soutache

Your needle can get stuck when it bumps against a metallic fiber. These fibers are tougher than the usual cotton, nylon or rayon and your needle won’t pass through them easily. Plus piercing or breaking a metallic fiber can weaken the entire piece of stringing material and, in the case of soutache, cause it to unravel. Instead of muscling your way through, you can go around! Gently wiggle your needle in the cord until it bypasses that metallic fiber and sinks into a softer fiber, then push the needle through completely and continue working. You can repeat this as needed throughout your project.

Metallic Soutache Tip About Fraying

This tip works with any stringing material that has metallic fibers, like our Metallic Beading Thread and Metallic Vintage Hemp Twine. Other than beads, how do you like to add sparkle and shine to your jewelry?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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