Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210The head of most head pins has a diameter of approximately 1-2mm. That diameter is compatible with the majority of beads, but sometimes I’ll find a batch of head pins with a slightly smaller head or I’ll want to use a bead with a larger hole. You can use today’s trick any time a head pin slips all the way through the hole of a bead!

String a smaller bead, like a seed bead or a spacer bead, with a diameter slightly larger than the hole of your main bead on to your head pin first. The smaller bead acts like a plug, keeping a bead with a large hole from sliding off by adding width to the head.

Large hole copper bead earring solution

I usually like matching the color of my plug bead to the color of my head pin. Metal Seed Beads or Round Japanese Seed Beads are perfect for mimicking the look of a ball head pin. Or you can use this opportunity to add a little pop of color to your design!

Large hole red bead earring solution

You can also use O-Beads or Metal Spacer Beads to solve this problem and give your finished piece a slightly different look.

Large hole silver bead earring solution

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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  • When using head pins with a bead that has a largish hole, you can also string tiny seed beads or bugles on the pin, to fill the space inside the bead and prevent the bead from hanging slightly offside.

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