Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2015/16!

The latest Swarovski Trend Forecast for the Fall/Winter 2015/16 Innovations is here! Titled “Secrets of the Soul”, this report takes a glimpse into the impact of digitalization upon our lives and where this is leading us. As people, on a global scale, have started to realize that algorithms cannot replace real human contact and real meetings to experience affection or attraction, Swarovski’s four inspirational directions are hinged on specific human aspects that differentiate us from the robotic digital world which surrounds us. These themes focus on what it means to be human and the qualities that set us apart and make life worth living.

The Art of Expression – Classic
Basic jewelry shapes are transformed into fun, playful objects offering a surprising distraction from everyday seriousness. Fun is reflected not only in bold colors but also in surprising material mixes, and streamlined shapes and glistening metallics update classic designs. Creativity and inspiration run free, mixing both regular and irregular shapes in one design.

Crystal Colors: Amethyst, Crystal Metallic Blue, Crystal Paradise Shine, Crystal Volcano, Light Topaz, Tangerine

The Stillness Within – Progressive
Designers find inspiration in natural forms blended with basic, clean shapes in glossy, shiny surfaces. Asymmetry is conveyed through the random use of pointed shapes and softly rounded edges. Jewelry makes a statement with strong, clean silhouettes and minimal embellishment. Smooth, highly polished metal surfaces merge with fluid forms to create a futuristic effect. The overall design direction is organic with a touch of high-tech.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Grey Pearl, Crystal White Pearl, Light Azore, Montana, White Opal

The Seduction of Touch – Romantic
The integration of tactile surfaces, mesh, and pavé responds to the contemporary need to reconnect, touch, and feel. The contrasting effects of matte and shine are married together. Crystal forms the central, precious element of the design with metal structures serving as the setting from which it can shine. A sense of comfort is ensured through the use of fluid and smooth shapes with soft edges, adding to a heightened simplicity.

Crystal Colors: Black Diamond, Crystal Bronze Pearl, Crystal Brown Pearl, Light Rose, Smoky Mauve, Tangerine

The Darkness of Desire – Glamour
Jewelry emulates mysterious, naturally grown forms with tiny intricacies and small oddities. Crystals sit alongside antique beads, pearls, and patina surfaces to add a touch of glamorous sparkle to tangled metal forms. Minimalism is abandoned entirely, and pendants and beads combine to create an individualistic style statement. Symbolic motifs, such as the cross or clover, communicate an instant message of faith and hope for the future.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Paradise Shine, Jet Nut, Purple Velvet, Smoked Topaz, Smoky Mauve, Smoky Quartz

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