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tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I always save my scrap stringing material! I keep cords that are less than 6 inches long all jumbled together in one container because they’re too short to become tangled. But I try to keep longer cord scraps from knotting together or kinking. Today’s trick doesn’t work with wire, but you can use it to keep your leather and fiber stringing materials tidy!

Griffin Bead Cord and our Embellishment Cords are packaged on handy storage cords that can be reused for your scraps! Cards are a great storage solution because they can be stored flat and take up less space than spools. It’s also easy to re-label them with the name and size of your cord scraps.

If I don’t have an empty card ready to reuse, I cut my own out of card-stock or leftover cardboard. To make your own cards, first measure and cut out the best size for your storage space. I have a tin box I like to keep my leftover stringing material in and 3 inch x 2 ½ inch cards are ideal for that container! Cut a notch in the card for each end of your stringing material. For thicker materials, like leather, cut a wider notch or punch a hole in the card to thread your material through. Put one end of your stringing material in the notch or hole and then wrap over that end to secure it. Don’t wrap too tight or you could crease your cord! When you’ve wrapped it all up, put the other end of your stringing material through the other notch or hole.

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Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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  • What a great tip! Thank you.

  • Linda German

    I also use empty DMC floss holders, but I have lots of different FireLine weights, as well as colours, so I have gone one step further. During my many years of cross-stitch I came upon an even more adaptable storage method. I have 2 screw on oval hardware clamps upon which are 20 ziplock bags. I can place all my short ends in with longer skeins of FireLine, using a separate bag per colour and weight. This keeps everything together, but is easy to find, and also neater for storage. As I have bought all kinds of 6lb.fireline in 15 or 16 different colours, the bags make life a lot simpler when needing a scrap of Paprika or Chestnut, for instance.

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