Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Humans come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes! That means a bracelet I make for myself might not be the right size for a friend. Some bracelet designs can be made adjustable with an extender chain, but you can use today’s trick to make your bead woven bracelets fit more than one size of wrist!

When making a bead and loop clasp for your bracelet, create two loops for each bead of the clasp instead of just one. Leave an extra-long tail at one end of your bracelet or add a thread that’s twice as long as normal so you have enough thread to extend your loops. After you’ve made one loop, pass back through half of those beads and bring your thread out at the center of your first loop. Use the same steps to create your second loop as you did to make the first loop. Two loops means the wearer has two sizes to choose from and can find a fit that’s comfortable for them!


Tuesday Tips and Tricks | The Creative Room Blog | Fusion Beads


Tuesday Tips and Tricks | The Creative Room Blog | Fusion Beads


How have you made your jewelry projects adjustable?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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