But a Bing! Not a Bang! By Becky Nunn!

Nunn Design Metal Stamping Blanks are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with copper, .999 fine silver and 24k gold. Pewter, as a metal, is softer than various gauge of sheet metal and can be bit of a surprise to those who have experienced stamping with force to get an impression. Hence, we have […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I always save my scrap stringing material! I keep cords that are less than 6 inches long all jumbled together in one container because they’re too short to become tangled. But I try to keep longer cord scraps from knotting together or kinking. Today’s trick doesn’t work with wire, but you can use it […]

Beads for Backpacks – Charity Results!

The results of our Beads for Backpacks Charity Drive are in, and they are absolutely incredible! 1085 Swarovski Elements Crystal BeCharmed Beads were purchased during our charity drive, which means that we were able to make a $1085 donation to Treehouse! This donation will be helping to purchase back-to-school supplies for foster children!

With fierce optimism, Treehouse invests […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Humans come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes! That means a bracelet I make for myself might not be the right size for a friend. Some bracelet designs can be made adjustable with an extender chain, but you can use today’s trick to make your bead woven bracelets fit more than one […]

An A – Z of Gemstones and Their Meaning

Starting with the letter A!

I’ve really been getting into gemstones lately; I blame the whole Boho trend! So I decided to do some research and look into gemstones and their meanings and wanted to share my findings here. Since there are so many different gemstones I thought the best place to start would […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I hadn’t worked on any bead crochet projects in a while, so when I started a new set of bangle bracelets I wasn’t surprised to catch myself in an old bad habit. But by using today’s tip you won’t repeat my mistake!

It’s important to always leave room in the loops of your […]