Get Creative With Katiedids!

Have you had your eye on our Katiedids components, but didn’t know what to create with them? Here’s a quick and easily customizable way to turn a Katiedids piece into a sparkling crystal clay pendant!


To make your pendant, you will need a Katiedids component, 1088 PP24 Swarovski Crystal Chatons (I used Tangerine and Sunflower), Crystal Clay, a head pin, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and wire cutters.

adding head pin

Starting with the centermost hole, slide the head pin through the holes in the component.

wrapped loop

Follow our Wire Wrapping Technique to make a wire wrapped loop on the head pin.


Using our Jewelry Clay Bead Technique, mix the Crystal Clay and fill the channels of the component with the clay. Don’t worry too much about little surface divots or unsmoothed lines; the chatons will fill the vast majority of the clay surface when applied.


Use the beeswax-tipped toothpick included with the Crystal Clay to pick up the chatons and press them into the clay. When finished, set the piece to cure for 24 hours.

And there you are – you are ready to rock your brand new Katiedids pendant!

Happy beading! -Gabby

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