Fantastic Tassels!

I confess, it’s true: I am OBSESSED with tassels. They are my new favorite thing to make in all the world! I want them in my jewelry, on my clothes, on my shoes, dangling from my purse, in my hair, on my pillows… oh my, I should stop…
Seriously though, they are so cute and fluffy! Plus, they are super easy to make and you can use almost ANY cord or thread; I have used many different threads and some leather with great success. The only thing that will change from one material to another is how fluffy they turn out to be.
Have I convinced you yet?
To make your own tassels, check out these easy step-by-step images!
To begin the tassel, wrap the thread around your fingers. (Don’t wrap too tight or you’ll never get the thread off!)
Once you are satisfied with the thickness of your threads, trim the end.
Carefully pull the threads off your fingers. You should have a circle of thread now. Hold one end steady.
Thread a second piece of thread through the top of the circle of thread and secure with a square knot.
Take another piece of thread and knot it around the top of the circle, near the knot you just made.
Thread the end of that thread onto a needle and push that through the threads created in the wrap-around. This will help secure those threads.
Now you can cut the bottom of the circle of threads and trim them to neaten the tassel.
Voila! You have made a super adorable fluffy tassel! Aren’t you in love?
If you want more detailed instructions, you can see this technique on our site by clicking here.
Here are some finished pieces I made using this easy tassel technique:
White tassle
Have fun making your own fantastic tassels! -Sam

5 comments to Fantastic Tassels!

  • Judy McKibben

    What is at the top of the pink tassels? Between the orange bead and the pink thread. It looks like something made for that purpose. Is it? Thanks!


    Hi Judy!

    Sam used cord ends to top off her pink tassel earrings. You can find both sizes of these ends by following the links below!

    Happy beading!

  • Jennifer

    I want to make tassles for Mala necklaces. Originally I wanted to make them of the soft and silky looking cotton embroidery thread, but I’m afraid they will not stay pretty. I’m fearing every thread will unwind with time.
    Preferably I’ll want to use silk thread for my tassels, as I want them to be soft to the touch.
    Please do you have any recommendations on what thread is best for making jewelry tassels?
    And if silk where to find it on larger spools?

    Best regards Jennifer


    Hi Jennifer, Tassels for Mala necklaces sounds wonderful! You can use the following thread below to make tassels. Size E is approximately 0.15mm in diameter and Size F is approximately 0.24mm in diameter. Because it is a little thicker, you may have an easier time working with Size F.

    Pure Silk Beading Thread!Pure-Silk-Beading-Thread
    Hope this helps!
    Happy Beading

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    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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