Meet Our Retail Store Team!

Retail Team

I’ve worked at Fusion since October of 2013 and I’ve loved every moment of it! I am currently the store manager. I was born on the East Coast and moving to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago was a great creative inspiration for me! I enjoy using bold colors, mixed media and recycled pieces in my jewelry. My first beading experience was working at a bead shop in New York and I have been hooked ever since. My favorite part of working at the store is interacting daily with all of our inspirational customers; I never go home without learning something new! I have a great staff that is always positive and ready to help, and our website is such a fantastic resource for both the customers and staff as well. The next area of jewelry making I want to dive into is seed bead weaving, and our Techniques page has me well on my way!
I am the assistant manager at the Fusion Beads retail store, and I have been with the company for a little over a month now. My background is in design and I have a keen eye for color and composition. I really enjoy helping customers select just the right missing piece to a project they are working on – being part of such a creative community of customers and staff makes each day fulfilling! I love that the Fusion Beads website is always adding new inspiration projects and is such a great resource when helping customers here at the store. I am really excited to be part of the Fusion Beads team!
My job is to ensure that we have product to sell to customers – I keep the store stocked! About 75% of what is in the retail store is on our website and ordered from the warehouse or the purchasing group. However, the other 25% is product that is only available in the retail store; my job is to find it and have it available for customers. I also ensure that specialty items that are needed for classes are located and ordered. This can be a challenge, as sometimes they are items you wouldn’t normally think of for making jewelry, like copper or steel rods and tubes. Although I am a planner by nature, I love it when I have a request for an unusual item or have to find something in short period of time. It’s like a game; I like the challenge of hunting down the item and getting it to someone when they didn’t expect it! I am so lucky to work with great people that each have amazing talents!
I have been working for Fusion Beads for a little over three years and am one of the store leads. My favorite part about working for the store is helping customers see just how easy it is to bring their vision to life with the right materials, tools, and resources. I enjoy having access to the Techniques section of our website; it’s a brilliant resource I utilize everyday! It makes me happy to be able to help fuel and nourish such a supportive community of vibrant artists, beading enthusiasts, and beautiful human beings. I believe strongly, just like any creative outlet, that jewelry making is good for our health and our hearts!
Monica 2
I have worked at Fusion Beads for three years now, and I am a sales lead and a teacher for the retail store. I studied metalsmithing in college and apprenticed with several jewelers. My preferred techniques are working with resin, lapidary, and metal, and my style is very eclectic and bold. My favorite part of working at Fusion Beads is finding the right tool for a customer’s project, and I am excited to show beginners new techniques! Many times customers enter the store with a vision of what they want to make, and my job is helping that vision come to life. Fusion Beads has one of the best selections of tools and supplies for jewelers in the Seattle area – I love being part of a group of such talented designers!
I am a woman of all trades at Fusion Beads! I work for the Creative Team creating inspiration pieces for the website and making jewelry for magazine submissions, and I also work in the store managing the seed bead department and doing customer service. I have been with the company for over six years as an employee, and as an instructor for 7 ½ years. I love learning new techniques and working with new materials, and sharing my enthusiasm with customers and students. My favorite features of the website include the techniques and the inspiration; I get so many positive comments from customers and students about the website and all of the helpful inspiration!

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