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Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16

It’s finally here! Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16! We are really excited about this new launch and the exciting new shapes and new finish that Swarosvski has come up with.

Crystal Patina
Drawing on the continuing allure of vintage jewelry, the Crystal Patina effect creates an impression of nostalgic authenticity while still showcasing its distinctive sparkle. Due to the nature of the effect, each piece has its own unique patina pattern, giving off an elegant aura of deliberate imperfection.

Double Spike Bead
Created in cooperation with designer Jean Paul Gaultier, the edgy Crystal Double Spike Bead features an avant-garde bicone hexagonal shape that finds its inspiration in “rock chic” trend that is sweeping the fashion world. Part of Swarovski’s Crystal Spikes and Studs collection, this sleek bead can be used in industrial-style jewelry and spiked haute couture designs alike.

Spike Pendant
Another new addition to Swarovski’s Crystal Spikes and Studs collection, the geometric, unisex silhouette of the distinctive Crystal Spike Pendant lends itself to both classy jewelry designs or wild glam rock pieces. Finding its inspiration from designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s dramatic style, this bold pendant holds its own as both a brilliant accent or an opulent focal piece.

Skull Bead
The Crystal Skull Bead line has also been extended to include the vibrant Sun color. Unique and utterly attention-grabbing, the Skull Bead is a stunning masterpiece of crystal design. Its impeccably precise multi-layer cut gives the Skull Bead a profile that is intricately detailed and highly reflective.

Stay tuned! This edgy Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16 will be available at soon!

Happy Beading! – Sam

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2 comments to Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16

  • OMG!
    the Crystal is unique beauty. i ver like Double Spike Bead.
    Thanks you.

  • I want to embroider either a jacket or a dress with crystals. Are these suitable to sew onto fabric? Should I be concerned about the weight of the fabric, like wool vs silk? I am imagining a few of your fabulous spikes as a “centerpiece” surrounded by other beads and wool or silk embroidery (depending on the fabric weight I use). I hope you can answer all or some of my questions. Thank you!

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