Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I always enjoy finding new ways to use our products! I’ve made a few Crystal Clay pendants, but realized I hadn’t tried making any rings with Crystal Clay. You can use today’s tips turn leftover beads and clay into a mosaic ring!

I used one of my favorite cube seed beads to match my square bezel ring, but this project is a great way to use up any size and shape of extra beads.

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I followed our jewelry clay technique to start my project, mixing my Crystal Clay together and shaping it into a ball before setting it in my bezel.

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It takes time and patience to work your clay into the shape of the bezel, especially if it has corners, so go slow! This step took the longest for me. And don’t worry if the clay has imprints from your gloves! Once you’ve filled all of the space in your bezel, wet the tip of your gloved finger and use it to smooth any marks out of the surface of your clay.

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I lined up my cube beads in a loose design. If you have a stricter pattern in mind you can use the tip of a toothpick to mark where you want to place your beads. I set the beads in the clay gently, pushing hard enough so they wouldn’t fall off but not so hard I couldn’t adjust their positions.

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Once you’re satisfied with the placement of your beads, it’s time to set them permanently! To get a flat and even surface I turned my ring upside down and pushed it against my work surface. This helped get my cube beads flush to the surface of the clay and created a more even pressure than I could get using just my finger. I used a little bit of water to smooth the surface one last time. Remember that if you don’t like how your project turns out you can always use my last Crystal Clay tips to start over!

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What creative ways have you found to use Crystal Clay?

Happy Tuesday – Gretchen

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