Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210One of the most frustrating things for me with a loom project is piercing a warp thread. A pierced warp means I can’t shift the beads and could skew the entire project. It also keeps you from taking advantage of the easy finishing features of Ricks Bead Loom or the Jewel Loom. You can use today’s tips to make sure all your loom projects go smoothly!

Support each new row of beads from underneath with your finger. Lift your beads above the warps as you pass your working thread back over the warps. Raising your beads reduces the chance of piercing a warp.

t & t 6 17 A

After stitching each row, slide the beads up and down on the warps to make sure the row moves freely. If you’ve accidentally pierced a warp you can find and fix it immediately.

t & t 6 17 B

You can also run your needle through the row eye first. That way you have zero risk of piercing your warp threads! I save dull beading needles specifically for loom projects to minimize the chance of piercing.

T&T 06 17 14 - 3 edited

Check out our step-by-step techniques for more great tips on bead weaving on a loom!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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