Vintage Star Spangled Bracelet

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that I fell in love with the idea of making this bracelet. I’ve been using my Rick’s Beading Loom a lot lately so when the idea of making an American flag bracelet came up, I was so excited. However, the bright true colors of the American flag are not necessarily colors that I would wear often. Instead, I decided to pick more muted colors – colors of a worn vintage flag. And oh my gosh, it turned out amazing!

falg - retro - layed out

I really love the idea of wearing this bracelet with jeans and a white tee-shirt – it just feels so classically American!

arm and flag

Here’s some shots of the bracelet in process:


on the loom

I think the grey FireLine thread adds to the worn look.

flag - retro standing

Of course, once the vintage flag was made, I had to make a classic version. I think it turned out just as amazing.

flag standing
flag layed out

Which color way do you prefer?

Both bracelets

If you want to make one of these click here for the Vintage Star Spangled Bracelet or here for the modern Star Spangled Bracelet.

Happy beading – Lindsay!

2 comments to Vintage Star Spangled Bracelet

  • Vicki Landtiser

    That is very pretty and I love the vintage look. I too have a Rick’s Bead Loom and I have had so much fun designing various pieces on the loom. It even inspired me to make some small polymer clay beads to use as a focal point in the center of my bracelets. So much fun!

  • Brenda

    Totally IN LOVE with this piece! The vintage is perfect for Old Glory! Can’t wait to give this a try! Thank you for sharing and have an AWESOME 4th!

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