Turning Toys into Jewelry!


Most parents know the unmistakably painful feeling of stepping on a tiny plastic Lego piece in the middle of the night. The hatred that burns in all of us at that moment is mixed with tears of pain. However, in the light of day, Legos can bring back memories from our own childhood and the joy we see that our own kids get when playing and building with them.

Legos don’t just have to be for kids, though – once the kids are done playing with them, you can repurpose them into jewelry! With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to turn these popular child’s toys into a fun jewelry gift for Mom. The tiny little blocks can be used to design a plethora of jewelry pieces from earrings to pendants and everything in between. This could also be a fun craft project to do with the kids!

With just a little bit of Crystal Clay and a few findings, you’ll be on your way to creating unique, customizable jewelry!

Make simple post earrings with a single block.lego-img-3-with-layers
Make rings with a ring base and build your own garden.


Pendants can be simple or add a bit of sparkle with a crystal.lego-img-2-with-layers

Now, go raid the kid’s toy box and start to play! Happy Mother’s Day to all you crafty, creative moms out there!

Sparkle! – Lindsay

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