Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Hammering and texturing wires can add a whole new look to your jewelry designs. To get the best results and avoid disappointment, you’ll want to use the right wire for your project. Although it’s tempting to use bright colored, lower cost craft wires like Artistic WireParawire and Soft Flex Craft Wire, strikes from a metal hammer will chip or crack the coating of these wires, exposing the copper underneath. Instead use craft wires for coiling, simple loops and wire wrapping. If you need to harden a craft wire project, like a pair of ear wires, tap your wire gently with a nylon or rubber hammer to minimize the risk of damage.

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Use wires that are the same color of metal through and through for your hammering and texturing projects. Fine silver, sterling silver and copper wires can all be pounded flat without changing colors. You can hammer silver-filled and gold-filled wires, but keep in mind that their brass core will eventually be exposed as the exterior metal thins.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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