Being Crafty and the Leprechaun Trap Cake

I am a beader. I love being able to create jewelry by putting many different beads and components together. However, being a beader also means that I am crafty, as the word “craft” encompasses so many different mediums beyond beading. So, being the crafty person that I am, I am a glutton for Pinterest, where you can find crafting ideas for days. You can find anything on Pinterest from beading to knitting to baking and so much more! Well, speaking of baking, there is this amazing cake that was originally posted on called a Leprechaun trap cake. Check out the original photo of the cake:
image 1
There was a challenge thrown down to me here at Fusion – was I crafty enough to recreate this cake? I am not a great baker but I do love sweets, so why not? Challenge accepted!

Following the original recipe to the best of my ability, the project started easy enough with just a simple white cake mix that was mixed as directed.
image 2
Then, I separated the batter into 7 different bowls while decreasing the amount of batter in each of the 7 bowls. The bowl with the most batter was to stay white, while the others were mixed with gel food coloring in rainbow order – the red had the most batter, then orange, then yellow, and so on. All of that batter was then poured into individual sandwich bags.
image 3
I then carefully poured in the batter into my pan in the following order: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. A little of the edge of the previous color was left showing with each layer. Then, the last layer was more white batter. (I ended up with tons of extra batter which I then used to make mini tie-dyed cupcakes!)
image 4
Once the cake was baked per the instructions on the box, I let it cool and stuck it in the freezer for about 2 hours so that I could easily frost it. The most fun part was making the frosting with my 2 year old. Let me just say, there was powdered sugar everywhere!

After 2 hours, I pulled the cake out of the freezer and added the green frosting. The “trap” in the center was created using pretzel sticks and a little chocolate. I think the grass on the original cake turned out way better than mine, since my grass became more squiggles than grass!
image 5
Thankfully, once I arranged the gold chocolate coins on top of the trap and added a little sign for the leprechaun to follow, no one noticed my squiggly grass!
image 6
The best part about this cake is the secret inside: by pouring in the different layers of batter, it creates a beautiful rainbow. Ta-da!
image 8image 7
Even though my cake didn’t look as professional and perfect as the original, I would say that this crafty lady didn’t do too bad of a job. The rainbow inside the cake even inspired me to go make some rainbow & jewelry!

If you haven’t ever checked out Pinterest for yourself, I would highly recommend it. Start a board and start creating!


– Lindsay

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