Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Always having a tape measure or ruler is essential for a crafter. I have at least two in my purse at any given moment and more littered around my work space. I have yard sticks and fabric tapes and, of course, my little pink Fusion retractable tape measure. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing but tape measures, but other days I can’t find a single one! With today’s trick you’ll always have a tape measure in your work space!

Take a tape measure and use clear packing tape to attach it to one edge of your work surface. This trick is a perfect way to use a broken retractable tape measure or the cheap plastic tapes included in travel sewing kits. Since I work in both metric and standard measurements, I cut my reversible tape measure in half and turned one piece around so I would have both systems showing!

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Doing this means you’ll always have a measuring device out and available. There’s no more hunting for or unrolling and re-rolling of tape measures! You’ll be able to quickly measure all of your stringing materials, as well as check the length of your projects as you work.

I learned this trick in a costume work shop where it was used to quickly measure fabric yardage. If you visit fabric stores you’ve probably seen yard sticks taped to the cutting counters. While you can do this trick with a yard stick, but I prefer using a tape measure because it lets me keep a relatively flat work surface.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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