Bead Challenge – Bee Cuff

I wanted to make something really unusual for the bead challenge today and I got really inspired to use the Vintaj Patina’s when I was working on the technique for our website. I ended up making this:

Here’s what I used:

NB0444 – 8.5mm Natural Brass Daisy Washer by Vintaj
NB0443 – 7.5mm Natural Brass Pinwheel Washer by Vintaj
BM3256 – 28.5×31.5mm Antique Matte Silver Bumble Bee Element by Kabela Design
NB0679- 48x35mm Natural Brass Queen Anne’s Lace Fastenable by Vintaj
CR0826 – 8.25 inch Long Black 1.25 inch Wide Leather Cuff Bracelet
TL2594 – 1/16 inch Riveting and Piercing System by Crafted Findings
TL0613 – Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers
CR0805 – Vintaj Patina Kit – Weathered Copper
CR0802 – Vintaj Patina Kit – Retro Highway
TL2652 – Metal Reliefing Block by Vintaj
CR0659 – 5 Piece Nylon Brush Set

You can learn how to rivet as well as how to color the metal on our site. Hope you have fun and enjoy this project!


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