Toho: Color and Innovation by the Kilo!

Japan is a country where you can sip tea in a 400-year-old teahouse, or sip canned hot coffee from a vending machine. You’ll find tiny, fuel-efficient cars and a 50-foot-tall bronze Buddha. They have as many ancient temples as we have Starbucks (and sometimes they have both on the same city block). In March […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I hope you’re all having as much fun with our March Bead Challenge as I am! One of my favorite things about the Challenge is getting motivated to use techniques I normally avoid. Wire and I don’t get along very well, so I decided to use tomorrow’s prompt to make wire wrapped rings as an […]

My Favorite Pendant!

One of my all time favorite products we have available at would have to be the 24mm Crystal Bermuda Blue Swarovski Elements Crystal Teardrop Pendant! I’m completely in love with the color!

Whenever I wear jewelry that incorporates the Crystal Bermuda Blue pendant I get tons of compliments! This pendant can hold […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Hammering and texturing wires can add a whole new look to your jewelry designs. To get the best results and avoid disappointment, you’ll want to use the right wire for your project. Although it’s tempting to use bright colored, lower cost craft wires like Artistic Wire, Parawire and Soft Flex Craft Wire, strikes from a […]

Being Crafty and the Leprechaun Trap Cake

I am a beader. I love being able to create jewelry by putting many different beads and components together. However, being a beader also means that I am crafty, as the word “craft” encompasses so many different mediums beyond beading. So, being the crafty person that I am, I am a glutton for Pinterest, […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Whether you use beeswax or Thread Heaven, any thread conditioner will start to show wear over time. Today’s tips will keep your conditioners fresh and easy to use!

Each time you pull thread against your beeswax it makes a small cut in the wax. Eventually the wax will become dry, scarred and start to crumble. […]