Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Your body is your most important tool when it comes to beading and crafting. You won’t do your best work when you’re sitting in an uncomfortable position, with sore and cramped muscles. But you can use today’s tips to treat your body right while you create!

Most of us work sitting down, so having the right body posture and position is key.  Hunching over your work strains your neck and back. Instead of bringing yourself down to your beading, bring your beading up to you!

Finding the right height for your work surface and chair will make a big difference. Try changing the height of your chair until you can sit upright with your feet evenly on the floor. You can also add or remove cushions to get the right angle for your back support. I almost always have an extra pillow tucked behind my lower back when I’m beading at home, but my chair at work has built in lumbar support.

Test out how it feels to work at different surfaces around your space. The right height will mean your supplies are within easy reach and you can rest your hands and forearms comfortably on your work surface. I’ve found that my desk is just the right height for beading, but I have to add another cushion to my chair if I work at the dining room table.

Check in with how your body feels as you’re beading. Changes in how you’re sitting and even in your expression might mean you need to get up and stretch. If your shoulders are up around your ears, your brow furrowed and you’re slumping in your chair it’s time for a break! You’ll find yourself doing better work when you’re relaxed and comfortable!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen



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