Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2015!

In their Spring/Summer 2015 trend report, “Traces of Time”, Swarovski highlights the increased focus on the age in our society and the impact of this trend on a global scale. Style is shaped by a sense of nostalgia and becomes both a reminder of past paths that we have walked and a celebration of days to come. These four themes encompass the myriad of ways that the progression of time inspires every facet of our lives.

Faded Memories – Classic

ClassicThis trend harks back to the memories of youth and carefree summers. Sweet, childlike colors play well together and the use of opalescent colors are used in combination with brighter colors. Acrylic and pearls are used in jewelry designs and colors are monochromatic, tone-on-tone throughout jewelry and clothing.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Rose Gold, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, Vintage Rose, Rose Water Opal, Tangerine, Crystal Iridescent Green, Pacific Opal, Crystal Blue Shade, Air Blue Opal, Blue Zircon, Denim Blue

Sunset Rituals – Romantic

RomanticThere is a feeling of reconnection with Mother Earth in this trend, a reminder to live simply in the moment. The jewelry is created with intention and meaning behind each piece, like a talisman. There is an emphasis on natural materials and crafting that is imbued with the idea of creating your own modern tribe with the people you surround yourself with.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Copper, Topaz, Tangerine, Smoky Quartz, Smoked Topaz, Mocca, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, Crystal Rose Gold, Crystal Bronze Shade, Petrol Crystal Pearl, Crystal Silver Night, Jet

Vivid Moments – Progressive

ProgressiveAs the name of this trend implies, the colors and patterns used are vivid and bold. Taking from both Chinese and African influence, the textiles have strong patterns. Layers of crystals, pearls, and textiles emphasize the richness of the patterns. Strong and confident, this trend represents both a spirited revel of the past and a hopeful focus on the future.

Crystal Colors: Fuchsia, Tangerine, Dark Moss Green, Crystal CAL, Jet, Indicolite, Denim Blue, Petrol Crystal Pearl, Crystal Silver Night, Crystal, Crystal Lilac Shadow

Forgotten Dreams – Glamour

GlamourThis trend is glamour from head to toe, as people recall the opulence of the past through a contemporary focus. Bold, intricate patterns that repeat are seen throughout this trend. Taking inspiration from Asian designs, the details are absolutely decadent. Big, bold jewelry is combined with rich, lavish fabrics with a modern edge.

Crystal Colors: Jet, Crystal Silver Night, Crystal Iridescent Green, Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, Crystal CAL, Light Grey Crystal Pearl, Grey Crystal Pearl, Dark Grey Crystal Pearl, Black Crystal Pearl

Which of these four trends is your favorite?

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