Our New Swarovski Favorites!

We here at FusionBeads.com are so excited about the launch of the new Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2015! From amazing new shapes to eye-catching colors and effects, there’s definitely something for everyone this season!

Swaro - Allie  (1 of 1)I absolutely LOVE the new Swarovski Elements Crystal Skull Beads, especially in the Crystal Metallic Blue 2x; it’s so striking and definitely on trend! The Swarovski Elements Crystal Cushion Fancy Stone is a perfect shape for making fun bead-woven bezel jewelry; I can’t wait to start playing with it! I personally love it in the new Crystal Iridescent Green! Also at the top of my list is the Swarovski Elements Crystal Raindrop Pendant, it’s so fun and funky! I’m usually not too excited about the crystal pearl beads, but the new Iridescent Green Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearl Color is to die for! I love how different colors pop when it catches the light! It’s definitely on my list for a multi-strand statement necklace! – Allie

Swaro - Gabby (1 of 1)I absolutely adore the vibrant new Tangerine color, and the Tangerine Mini Pear-Shaped Pendant looks just like a drop of sunlight! I’m a huge Crystal Luminous Green fan, and the faceting of the new Cushion Fancy Stone makes the effect’s pink and green hues glitter like a gem! I will wear just about anything in the Vitrail Medium effect, and the sleek, asymmetrical cut of the new Crystalactite Pendant highlights all the trademark brilliant colors of the effect! I didn’t think I was going to like the new Skull Beads very much, but that was until I saw the bead in the Metallic Blue 2x effect. The cool, reflective hue and the precise shape of the bead create something truly amazing! – Gabby

Swaro - Cody  (1 of 1)I think the Swarovski Elements Crystal Skull Bead is awesome; it’s so different from anything Swarovski has launched before. I’m also excited about the new Cushion Fancy Stone; it will look great in a pair of earrings. The Crystal Rhombus Mini Beads are an adorable addition to the Swarovski Mini Bead collection. Make sure and check out the Everyday Gem bracelet I made with them! I love the shape of the new Raindrop Pendant and when viewed from below, the effect creates a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, making this pendant an ideal choice for a captivating charm or focal piece! I can’t wait to use all of these new beads in my upcoming jewelry designs! – Cody

Swaro - Sam (1 of 1)I am floored by the metallic magic in the Iridescent Green Pearl Bead, it’s amazing! I love everything about the new Swarovski Elements Crystal Crystalactite Pendants, size, color – this feels like the perfect child of Swarovski and gemstone crystal stones! When it comes to the Swarovski Elements Crystal Pavé Balls, who can resist such teeny tiny beads with so much sparkle? I want them in everything!!! Last but definitely not least is the perfect new Crystal Iridescent Green 2x Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicone Bead! The 2x makes the new Iridescent Green Color pop with so much metallic goodness! – Sam

Swaro - Katie (1 of 1)The new Swarovski Drop Mini Beads are so cute; I especially love them in the Dark Moss Green! The Raindrop Pendant is such a fun shape and I love the brilliant chaton-cut faceting. I’m excited about the new Cushion Fancy Stone as well; check out these sparkling Illumination Earrings I made with them! The Swarovski Elements Crystal Crystalactite Pendants are really cool with their partially matte facets and haute-couture look! They’re all so amazing! – Katie

picks - Lindsay (1 of 1)Though I’m normally a pink person, the recent introduction of the Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl has made me rethink the color green. This is no ordinary pearl color; it’s more like an iridescent, holographic nail polish color. At some angles the green comes out, and at other angles the teal shows through. Love! Speaking of green, the Crystalactite pendant in Medium Vitrail is amazing! The shape is reminiscent of natural crystal formations but the color is other-worldly with pops of green, fuchsia, teal and yellow. Also, I love sparkle and the new pavé beads pack so much sparkle in a small space. And of course, being born and raised in the Northwest, the Crystal Raindrop Pendant is a must. I plan on having several of them drop from chain in a yummy pair of earrings. – Lindsay

What are your favorites from the new Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2015 launch?



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