Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


How many times have you wished for an extra set of hands? I wind up wanting at least one extra hand to hold the end of my project every time I work on a braiding, wrapping or knotting piece. In a pinch you can grab the end of a project between your knees, or toes if you’ve been practicing your yoga, but with today’s tricks you won’t have to test your flexibility!

Braiding, macramé and wrapped cord projects will turn out better if you maintain good tension while you work. With both hands busy with your cords or beading thread, it’s tempting to let your project droop unsupported. Instead try attaching the end of these projects to a clip board or using an extra-large binder clip to secure it to the edge of your work surface. Having an anchor helps you monitor your tension as you go, bringing long and often flexible projects up where you can see them. It also gives you something to pull against as you work. When your tension is correct you’ll notice your knots or braiding crosses are more consistent and your wrapped cord bracelets are straighter with more evenly spaced beads!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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