Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Weaving in the warp threads at the end of a project is often considered the biggest downside of looming. But today’s tricks will show you how to use those tails when making a loomed bracelet!

For my first loomed bracelet I wove in all but three of the warp threads on each end. I used these threads to attach a three to one link to the end of the loom work. Not only did this add a fun accent to a shorter piece of weaving, it let me use the clasp of my choice and an extender chain for extra length!

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My second loom bracelet started out as a simple swatch I made while learning how to use the Jewel Loom. It was too short by itself to become a bracelet, but I’d invested too much time to just take it apart! This time I wove in all but one tail on each end and used those tails to stitch my swatch to a ribbon. A pair of ribbon ends and simple clasp completed this small piece of loom work’s transformation into a wearable bracelet!

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For my most recent loom project I decided to attach a pair of our ribbon ends directly to my beading. Again, I wove in most of my tails, leaving out one tail on each end. You can choose to clamp your ribbon end down directly on to your beads, but instead I used my tails to sew a tiny piece of felt, just as big as the ribbon end, on to each end of the loomed piece and then coated the felt with E6000 before squeezing the ribbon ends shut. This method kept me from accidentally crushing any beads when I shut the ends.

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You can see another way to finish loom projects in Lindsay’s blog post!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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