Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Nothing ruins a project quicker than discovering your wire stash is in a snarled mess. Hard to untangle and almost impossible to un-kink, badly stored wire can spell the end of a project.  Today’s storage tips will keep your wire neat, tidy and ready to use!

Keeping wire in its original packaging is the first step towards a tidy wire stash! Leave it spooled if it comes on a spool. If it’s in a loose coil let it stay in that same shape and find a ziplock bag it easily fits inside. Be careful not to kink your wire or curl it too tight. Remember that the more you bend and move it the stiffer and more difficult to work with a wire will become!

Don’t be tempted to wrap the end of a wire coil around itself – that’s wire you can use for a future project! Instead of wasting coiled wire, use wire scraps to secure your coils. You can also use twist ties for this, but, if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know I love finding new ways to use scrap materials!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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  • I recently purchased a stacking plastic bin that latches into one unit with a handle (at Walmart, meant for Xmas stuff). It fits neatly on a shelf near my work area, and eacn bin is labeled with the wire size that is stored in it, with a ziploc bag for scraps (also labeled for each size). It’s so nice to be able to just grab a spool of the right size now, rather than sort through a huge bin of various sizes and types of wire.

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