Top Trends of 2013!

We had a very creative and fun year when it came to compiling the Top Trends of 2013! Take a look back at some of the top trends that took the beading world by storm during 2013 and see if your favorites made the cut!

Top Inspiration Trends 2013

When it came to top inspiration trends, one thing was certain: bracelets were a huge hit! Arm candy (stacked) bracelets were all the rage, since there are so many different ways to express yourself through your collection of bracelets! Even single statement bracelets were a top seller. Whether you stack them or not, bracelets were, and still are, a top trend!


Top Product Trends 2013

Cord, especially Regaliz™ licorice leather, made quite an impression this year! You can make a bead woven tube bead and slide it in place on the cord, or use our awesome beads and components for a fun, customized look! There are many different design options for this awesome leather!

Another popular product was the always fun two-hole glass beads and seed beads! These little beads are perfect for all of your creative bead weaving designs! They sure add a lot of character!

trend product

Top Technique Trends 2013

Soutache jewelry definitely made a comeback this year! There were so many amazing new soutache designs that came out this year that have a ton of character! The beauty of our soutache techniques is that there are so many ways you can create your soutache jewelry designs, not to mention the great color selection of soutache cord!

We recently highlighted a lot of bead loom jewelry, and boy, was it popular! It’s such a fun technique! It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see that it’s pretty easy! Pick up one of the year’s hottest products, the Rick’s Beading Loom, and get your bead weaving on!

Kumihimo is a fun, almost therapeutic technique. You can use many different cords and fibers along with beads if desired! It adds a lot of depth to your jewelry designs!

trend techWhat was your favorite beading trend of 2013?

Happy Beading! – Allie

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