Winter Jewelry Trends 2013!

Winter is drawing near and so are the seasons jewelry trends! This year, especially during the colder winter months, it’s all about making a statement! Now that the hotter spring and summer months are over it’s time to bring out the heavy stuff! Chunky chains, rings and layered jewelry is all the rage!

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Not only is it “in” to rock the large, chunky rings, but it’s an even bigger trend to stack them together or bling out multiple fingers with your favorites! Turn heads with your amazing ring collection this season! Pictured: Sparkle Stack RingsPetals of Gold RingsSunset Dream Rings and our Sparkle a Conversation Ring.

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To keep on the chunky jewelry trend, large chain necklaces are making their way into the winter months! This trend has been big throughout the year but more so as the weather changes from hot and humid to cold and frosty! Over-sized everything is in for winter! layer your comfy knit sweater with a large chain necklace or even multiple! The more you layer the better! Pictured: Classic Beauty Necklace, Feelin’ Hot Necklace, Lilac Ombre’ Necklace and our Twisted Metal Necklace.

Earrings - Allie (1 of 1)

Also sticking with the chain trend, I’ve been seeing a lot in earring designs this season! Long chandelier earrings and even ear cuffs are all the rage! Pierced or not, it’s easy to rock the trend this season! Pictured: Dance the Blues Earrings, Rainbow Storm Earrings and Soaring Heart Earrings

Happy Beading – Allie

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