Soutache Owl Two-For-One!

Hello Everyone!

I finally tried my hand at soutache, and WOW – it is not easy! (I found myself drawing on very old embroidery knowledge in order to get my fingers to do what they were told! HA!)

For my project design, I decided to make a little owl that can be worn as a pin or as a necklace! I found some adorable images on Pinterest, and after I made my little friend I thought a cat, bunny or penguin would also be adorable to make. The possibilities are endless!

Main Owl

Here is a list of the product I used, but you can decide on any color combination of your choice!

GL2283 -3x5mm Beige Teardrop Czech Pressed Glass Bead
PL6315 -5810 5mm Tahitian Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearl
SE5074 – 20x15mm Black Sardonyx Oval Gemstone Cabochon
SM5451 -Silver Gray Rayon Soutache Cord
SM5452 -Black Rayon Soutache Cord
SM5453 -Silver Gray/Black Striped Rayon Soutache Cord
CR0961 -8.5 in. Black Onyx Ultra Suede
SM4818 -Black K.O. Bead Thread
TL1013 – Size 10 Sharp English Beading Needles
TL0302 -Beading Scissors 1-1/4 in. Blade
TL1938 – 5 Minute Epoxy
BM1087 – 1 inch Silver Plated Base Metal Bar Pin with Bail

The pin back I chose has the option for you to convert it into a necklace, so I just thread some chain through when I feel like wearing an owl necklace and not an owl pin! FUN!

And here are some front and back photos of my little treasure! Isn’t he adorable?

Main Owl With ChainOwl back

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