Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There are lots of reasons not to finish a beading project. I’ve abandoned designs when I’ve run out of supplies, time or even inspiration. Many jewelry projects can be taken apart to reuse the materials, but half-finished loom projects are hard to dismantle and feel to me like a waste of thread. If you have unfinished loom projects hanging around your work space try using today’s trick to turn your abandoned work into an awesome new piece of bezel jewelry!

Measure your beading before you take it off the loom. If your bezel has a unique shape or is sized differently than your piece, this is the time to add or subtract beads to get the best fit! I backed a few rows out of my weaving to help it fit better into a square bezel.

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After taking my work off the loom, I trimmed my thread tails down to around an inch. One of the best things about this project is that you don’t have to weave in your tails because they’ll be hidden in the bezel! I sandwiched my thread tails in between my beading and backing, using a few stitches to secure the sandwich. I used a scrap of felt to back my piece, but you can also used ultra suede or Lacy’s Stiff Stuff.

T&T - 12.03 - 2 editedTest the backed loom work inside your bezel before making it permanent. I stitched on a second piece of felt to raise my beads higher in the bezel. Glue the backed loom work into your bezel. The backing will help keep glue from seeping up between your beads and making a mess.

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What have you done with old loom projects?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen



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