Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

We’re all familiar with snowflake ornaments; in fact some of you might have made these during last month’s Bead Challenge. Snowflakes are quick and easy, but there are lots of other holiday ornament designs out there. Today’s tips will help you make fun decorations for this holiday season!

All a project needs to become an ornament is a hook and something pretty hanging from it! Your ornaments can be any shape imaginable and don’t even have to be in conventional holiday colors.

T&T 11.19 - 1

I always check my stash for extra beads, especially large crystals, before starting ornament projects. A lot of my damaged crystals end up as ornaments because a small chip or crack won’t be as noticeable hanging on a tree as it would be hanging on a necklace.

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Ornaments don’t have to decorate just your tree either. I hang mine all over the house, on everything from lampshades to curtain rods. I save the most sparkly ornaments for the windows where they’ll catch the light and brighten up the whole room!

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You can get inspired to make your own collection of holiday decorations by checking out our Inspiration Gallery. I’ve had so much fun making ornaments this year I know I’ll have a hard time putting them away in January! How do you use beads to decorate for the holidays?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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