Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Spring/Summer 2015!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of the new Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Spring/Summer 2015 innovations!

Embrace the revival of punk in the fashion and design world! This season it morphs into a more grown-up, glamorous version, which is reflected in the new Swarovski BeCharmed collection! We can’t wait to start designing fun and edgy jewelry with these amazing new innovations!

Fortune Bead (Art. 5929)

The BeCharmed Fortune Bead is a thinner version of the beloved BeCharmed Bead and features an angular helix cut! The fashion-forward, sophisticated, urban style of the angular helix cut BeCharmed Fortune Bead creates an exciting look that’s perfect for men and women! Refined and understated, 
the BeCharmed Fortune Bead is ideal for use in place of the Rondelle, or in combination with other amazing  BeCharmed products!

Fortune Bead

BeCharmed Pavé Spikes (Art. 80401, 80901)

With its delicate crystal spikes, the new BeCharmed Pavé Spikes add a funky, rebellious edge to more glamorous looks! These exciting new BeCharmed Pavé Spikes are ideal for the haute couture meets punk trend currently taking over the design world! Be the center of attention, exuding energetic confidence and strength with this eye-catching new addition. Easily combine them with your favorite Swarovski Elements Crystals in both male and female designs! What a head turner!

BeCharmed Pavé Spikes

BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon (Art. 80501, 80601)

The BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon has a semi-matte sheen and softly rounded, berry-inspired shaping! From elegant urban camouflage to sweetly romantic, its gleaming surface complements the ongoing trend for metallics! Combine it easily with all types of your favorite Swarovski Elements Crystal rondelle, pearl and other shaped beads!

BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon

BeCharmed Pavé Metallics (Art. 80701, 80801)

Give stand-out glamour to androgynous couture with the BeCharmed Pavé Metallics! Its cool, sleek and industrial look can be effortlessly combined with many Swarovski Elements Crystals! Keep up with the exciting mixing metallic trend with the amazing new BeCharmed Pavé Metallics!

BeCharmed Pavé Metallics

BeCharmed Pavé Slim (Art. 81101, 81201)

Offered in chatons and squares, the BeCharmed Pavé Slim is an incredibly versatile element with a thinner profile than the BeCharmed Pavé. The clear, graphic lines combined with it’s sparkling character make it appealing to many styles and trends! We can’t wait to create our sparkle using the BeCharmed Pavé Slim!

BeCharmed Pavé Slim

BeCharmed Pavé Stopper (Art. 81001)

The BeCharmed Pavé Stopper is an amazing new functional element used to secure cord and keep beads in place. Its hole is lined with a stretchy silicone rubber, which holds beads in place and limits movement of charms perfectly! The design possibilities are endless with this sparkling new innovation! Let your imagination run wild!
BeCharmed Pavé Stopper

BeCharmed Pavé (Art. 80101) – Line Extension

Extends the current 80101 BeCharmed Pavé assortment.

BeCharmed Pavé

BeCharmed Pavé (Art. 80201) – Line Extension

Extends the current 80201 BeCharmed Pavé assortment.

BeCharmed Pavé 2

BeCharmed Pavé (Art. 80301 ) – Line Extension

Extends the current 80301 BeCharmed Pavé assortment.
BeCharmed Pavé 3

BeCharmed Rondelle (10 mm) (Art. 77510) – Line Extension

Extends the current 77510 BeCharmed Rondelle assortment.

BeCharmed Rondelle


Stay tuned! This sparkling Pre-Season Spring/Summer 2015 Launch will be available at soon!

What are you most excited about?

Happy Beading! – Allie

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  • Linda German

    You will soon be setting the bar when you begin selling Swarovski Spring/Summer 2015 collection, however, I say “Bravo Swarovski, You Are The Bar!”. Everyone else will have to rise to your standards. I eagerly await the arrival of My Deliveries!

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