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Fall is in full swing here in Seattle, which means wind, rain and lots of falling leaves. While full gutters aren’t terribly inspiring, all of those bare branches with just one or two lonely leaves have me making twisted wire jewelry! Today’s tip will help you make beautiful Fall-inspired jewelry using wire, a handful of leftover beads and an easy technique.

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Start by firmly anchoring your wire to your base with a few tight wraps and remember to use your chain nose pliers to tuck in the end. You don’t want anyone getting poked or scratched! You can also add a little dab of adhesive to the end of the wire for extra protection. String on a bead, fold your wire around it and start twisting!

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I love twisted wire jewelry because it works up quickly and has a very organic flow to it. As someone who struggles to keep her wire smooth and unkinked, it’s a nice change to let it twist! It’s also fun to let the natural bends and twists of the wire help shape your finished piece. You can use one bead per branch or layer on the beads for a thicker look. Try varying the number and lengths of branches too. Pretty soon you’ll have jewelry that’s as unique as those trees losing their leaves outside!

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You can see the full, step-by-step technique for making branches with twisted wire on our website. And if you need more inspiration, check out our Red Berries Necklace and Give a Hoot Earrings!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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