Gabby’s Favorite Chain!

I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to chain, because I keep coming back to the same two chains over and over again: 1.3mm Sterling Silver Cable Chain and its sibling 1.5mm Gold-Filled Cable Chain.

These chains are incredibly thin (32 gauge!) and light, and are barely visible from a distance. If you hang pendants and beads off the chain, they almost look as though they’re floating! Don’t hang anything too heavy off the chain, though, because you don’t want to snap the delicate links.

I used the gold-filled version of this chain for my Day 1 piece in this year’s 30 Day Bead Challenge. The chain was sturdy enough to be used to dangle the Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls, but subtle enough to not take away from the wire-wrapped bead cap accent on the pearls.

Do you have a favorite chain? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Beading!  –Gabby

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