Everyone Needs an Eyeball Ring!


Eyeballs, toad warts, newts and bat wings – these are the necessary ingredients to a great potion… OR a great piece of jewelry! Today I was inspired to make a little Halloween-themed ring with crystal clay and Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons. You would think that I would be making a super sparkly crystal ring – that’s my normal personality. But today I created something different – say hello to the eyeball ring!


You will need four simple pieces to make this ring: white Crystal Clay, a round 20mm ring bezel, a glass donut bead in your choice of color, and a black PP32 (4mm) Swarovski Elements Crystal Chaton.


First, mix the crystal clay and add it to the ring bezel. I didn’t add a lot of extra clay so that it wouldn’t go over the edges when I squished the glass bead into the clay later. Smooth the clay out once you have shaped it to the bezel.


Then, push the glass ring down into the clay. Try to push it firmly into the clay so that the ring will not fall out once the clay cures. Finally, center the crystal chaton over the middle of the glass ring and push it into the clay. Ta-da!

EYE know you will have a BALL making and wearing this ring! Happy Halloween!

Sparkle! – Lindsay

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