Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Today’s tip is a cautionary tale! I recently made a quick bracelet with one of our new E Hooks and a leather strap by TierraCast®, but I forgot to check the size of my loop before setting my rivets. This was one time eyeballing the project didn’t work!

These hooks are a great […]

Lindsay’s Favorite Ear Wire!

I am in love with this one ear wire – I think I use it for almost every earring I make! The 14mm Sterling Silver Ear Wire! By its description, it’s just a basic sterling silver French ear wire – but it’s more than that. Instead of the standard round wire, […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Fall is in full swing here in Seattle, which means wind, rain and lots of falling leaves. While full gutters aren’t terribly inspiring, all of those bare branches with just one or two lonely leaves have me making twisted wire jewelry! Today’s tip will help you make beautiful Fall-inspired jewelry using […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Freshwater pearls and gemstones are some of my favorite beads to wear and design with, but they’re notorious for having tiny holes. If these are your favorite beads too you can use a handy tool called a bead reamer to enlarge the holes of these beads and make them more usable! Today’s tips […]

Gabby’s Favorite Chain!

I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to chain, because I keep coming back to the same two chains over and over again: 1.3mm Sterling Silver Cable Chain and its sibling 1.5mm Gold-Filled Cable Chain.

These chains are incredibly thin (32 gauge!) and light, and […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of my co-workers, Erin, recently learned how to do bead embroidery and made a piece you may have seen us feature on Facebook. Today’s tips on starting an embroidery project come from what Erin learned when making this amazing necklace!


A great way to start a bead embroidery piece is […]