Cody’s Favorite Bead Cap

The Vintaj Natural Brass Foliage Bead Cap is my go-to bead cap when working with natural brass! I especially love how this textured bead cap looks when paired with crystal pearls. Check out our Tranquil Blossom Earrings, where I stacked two of these bead caps on top of each other for a lush, layered look! I don’t limit the use of this bead cap to just capping beads – my absolute favorite way to use this bead cap is to flare it out a bit and rivet it onto a blank. It works perfectly as a riveted component since the cap has beautiful details on the inside as well! Once it is riveted onto a blank, the bead cap looks like a little spiky flower. If you have never worked with natural brass, maybe give this bead cap a try and you may love it as much as I do!

Happy Beading! – Cody

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