October Bead Challenge Preparation!

Are you up for another Challenge? I am – 30 days of jewelry projects, here I come! I think this will be the perfect way to welcome the fall and get ready for all the holiday madness to come. This time around, though, I made a TO DO LIST for all my pre-challenge prep to make sure I have all my beads in row before I begin! I thought I would share this with you guys to help with your bead challenge prep.

1. Clean and tidy my work space.
2. Organize my bead area for optimum creativity.
3. Create a list for all the new items I may need.
4. Look through the challenge calendar and start a Pinterest board filled with all my challenge ideas.
5. Check all my tools. Are they ok or do I need to replace any? Add them to my list.
6. Plan my budget.
7. Look through the calendar and decide which new techniques I will learn. Do I need any new tools or supplies for these? Add any new items to my list.
8. Look through the challenge calendar and plan out my projects. What supplies do I already have? What do I need to purchase? Add any new items to my list.
9. Purchase necessary supplies and beading basics (soft flex, crimp beads, chain, wire, head and eye pins, memory wire, etc).

I have already completed number 1.

Here’s a before photo (chaos!!):

Here’s an after photo (all cleaned up and ready for the challenge):

I’m so looking forward to getting creative and seeing what you guys make! Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

8 comments to October Bead Challenge Preparation!

  • gloria stanley

    Ha! ha! Your “before” pic looks neater and more organized than my current state of my work table!

  • WoW! If this is challenge, I may totally failed, I wish someday I can organize my table and my mind like this!!!!

    My table are always miss up, my mind are never stop when one piece of creation finished, always keep move head have another idea jump out, so my table always has something left over, means something for next project.

    I usually prepare the list of material for the kits after the creation,not before the creation.

    and Your “before” table are very neater as beginner jeweler, very simple material, but it is great to start!!! should show the photo “after” which are very miss up, means you have more idea after.

  • Kathleen Gutierrez

    This challenge is exactly what I need! However, if you have a contest for the messiest before picture, I will win hands down!!!

    I was gone a total of six weeks during the summer months, and I kept coming home and putting my purchases on top of everything on my work tables instead of putting them away. I would just dig out what I needed to take with me, and I still haven’t put everything away. My fall craft shows started less than a week after I got home after being gone for a month. So, my work area should qualify for federal disaster funding!!!

    I learned so many new techniques this summer, and I am really excited to start using them, but I have to get my work area cleaned first. Thus, your challenge came at the perfect time. I am selling my jewelry at Oktoberfest every weekend from now through the end of October. So I have a real incentive to get this done in a hurry!

    Thanks for the challenge!!!!

  • Karen Cole

    Dido on the remarks for the before pic. I did start cleaning the table already but seemsI can’t get it done like I use to in 1 or 2 sittings. Too much stuff & not enough organizational bins etc. DID I JUST SAY TOO MUCH STUFF? umm never. that said love this challenge. Thank you.PERFECT for getting ready for the holidays.

  • Where can I find the Challenge Calender?!

  • Bev

    It would be a 30 day challenge just to clean & tidy my work space! I have too much stuff! But, IT IS all necessary, you know! ;)

  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Tish!

    You can find all of our October 2013 Bead Challenge prompts and a downloadable calendar by following the link below.


    Happy beading!

  • Maryna Layedra

    I would like to participate on the clean challenge.

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