Our Newest Swarovski Favorites!

From new colors and effects to new bead and pendant shapes, the new Fall/Winter 2014/15 Swarovski Innovations truly have something for everyone! These new products are so incredible that there are just so many things that we here in the Creative Room can’t wait to get our hands on! Here are a few of our favorites from this fabulous launch:


I love the new Swarovski Elements Crystal Coin Pearl – it’s such a fun new Swarovski Pearl shape that I can’t wait to incorporate into my jewelry designs! I even love it in every color available! The Bermuda Blue Swarovski Elements Crystal Xilion Triangle is so edgy and eye-catching and will be an amazing focal in an earring or necklace design! The new Dark Moss Green Swarovski Elements Crystal Color is right up my alley – I love green and this is such a fun jewel-tone to work with. I didn’t love the new Swarovski Elements Crystal Large Dome Bead until I saw it in person and now the creative juices are flowing! I’ve been thinking about all the fun ways I can add these to my jewelry designs and keep on trend with the edgy spike look!


I just love the rich color of the new Blackberry Pearl color – I think it is going to be my new favorite pearl to use in designs! The Coin Pearl shape is a great addition to Swarovski’s pearl line, and the Xilion Triangle Pendant is a clean and edgy design that will work so well with the current geometric designs we are seeing now. Last but not least, the new Dark Moss Green Crystal color is so pretty and pairs well with many of the blue and green crystal colors to make a colorful combo!


The rich color of Dark Moss Green is absolutely stunning – it especially stands out in the Fancy Stone shapes! I’m a sucker for coin pearls and anything purple, so I’m pretty sure they made the Blackberry Coin Pearls just for me. The new pendant shapes are also favorites of mine, especially the Xilion Triangle Pendant in Crystal Luminous Green and the Urban Pendant in Bermuda Blue!


The new effect, Crystal Lilac Shadow, comes in one of my all-time favorite pendants, the 6010 pendant. The soft lilac color seems to flash off of each of the facets. Almost like a sister color to the Crystal Lilac Shadow, the new Blackberry pearl color is a lush, deep purple. Combine that color with the new Coin Pearl shape and you have an amazing, winning combination. One of my favorite cuts or facets that Swarovski does is the Chessboard cut. The newest Round Chessboard sew-on stone features the cut so beautifully and makes the color Blue Zircon seem even more rich. The Urban Pendant in Crystal Silver Night is the pendant I can’t wait to get my hands on. It’s simple, modern lines will make it easy to pair with bold colors like neon pink.


I absolutely love the new Dome Beads in both the large and small styles and all sizes – I just can’t get enough of the facets! I also am really excited about the Xilion Triangle Pendants, especially the Bermuda Blue finish. To top it off, I think the new Heart Button is the sweetest little treat, perfect in all sizes and colors!

What’s your favorite product from the latest Swarovski Innovations?


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