Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2014/15!

The latest Swarovski Trend Forecast is here for Fall/Winter 2014/15! Titled Opposites Attract, the forecast focuses on both individualization and collectivity, its polar opposite. The four themes feature intentional mergings of seemingly opposite colors and products that, when combined, seem as though they have always belonged together, resulting in an entirely new style that is truly individualized.

Extravagant Simplicity

Elegant and refined, the Classic theme features a timeless palette of nude and beige tones accented by warm rose gold. This theme focuses on taking classic shapes and re-imagining them through modern interpretation, making minimalism the new expression of luxury.

Crystal Colors: White Opal, Crystal, Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Golden Shadow, Rose Gold, Light Colorado Topaz, Silk, Light Silk

Nature Lab

The marriage of nature and science is celebrated in the Progressive theme, full of lush green hues and strong concrete gray shades. This theme examines the inspiration that nature provides for technology, creating a palette that shows green sensibility working in harmony with futuristic technology.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Luminous Green, Crystal Silver Night, Emerald, Fern Green, Khaki, Deep Moss Green, Olivine

Urban Nomad

Opulent yet practical, the Romantic theme combines the warmth of copper and bronze hues with richly colored berry and purple tones. Rural eccentricity is key to this theme, representing the increasing global sense of wanderlust and the mixing of styles, seasons and eras to create a uniquely individual look.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Lilac Shadow, Blackberry Pearl, Crystal Red Magma, Vitrail Medium, Crystal Bronze Shade

Demure Decadence

Vivid pinks, deep burgundys and wines, and rich berry colors fill the Glamour theme, creating a style that is at once excessive and minimalist. This theme is a reflection on the merging of global cultures and the growing acceptance of both the “more-is-more” and austerity movements.

The lavishness of the east is married with western discretion with the inclusion of vibrant pink, combined with the deep burgundy, wine, and berry colors that are traditionally associated with European winters.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Lilac Shadow, Crystal Antique Pink, Light Siam, Fuchsia, Blackberry Pearl, Burgundy

Which of these four trends are your favorite?

Happy Beading! –Gabby

4 comments to Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2014/15!

  • Judy P

    How could you possibly choose between these gorgeous colors? I love them all, but I guess if I had to love one more than the other, it would be the “Urban Nomad” because it includes the elegant shades of “Extravagant Simplicity” along with the gorgeous rich tones of “Demure Decadence”. The greens are beautiful too, but they are just so “everyday”.

  • Treena Rowan

    Demure Decadence has colors that I strongly respond to. But I like them all.

  • Mary Jane

    I love them all but the crystal colors are elegant! They win my vote.

  • Mary Jane

    I’m sorry I meant the classic crystal colors are elegant!

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