Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

If you love the look and feel of ball chain, but dislike traditional ball chain connectors then this is the tip you’ve been waiting for! Ball chain is notoriously hard to connect to regular clasp, but we’ve just added a product that solves this problem. A ball chain crimp connector is a lot like the bead tips, aka clam shells, used in pearl knotting projects. But instead of two cups that hinge at the bottom, these connectors hinge on the side.

This side hinge allows you to put the last ball of your chain in one cup of the connector and close it around the ball. You can squeeze these shut by hand or with the tips of your chain nose pliers. If you use pliers remember to squeeze gently so you don’t crush the chain or the connector. Once you’ve closed the connector you can use the loop at the top to attach any clasp you want!

Ball chain just got a whole lot more versatile and I’m excited to start using it more often, especially projects with multiple strands!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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