Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

We all drop beads while we’re working, but how often do we pick them back up? It’s hard to find every dropped bead, especially when they bounce on a hard surface or when you’re pressed for time to finish a project. I spent some time this past week cleaning my work space and couldn’t believe what I found on the floor around my desk!

Next time you’re stuck for a new idea, clean-up the floor of your beading area! Check behind and under all of the furniture in the room. I found most of my beads where the floor meets the wall and next to the legs of my desk. If you need tips on rescuing beads from the floor without having to pick each one up by hand, check out my previous post on how to use your vacuum cleaner and a pair of nylons to save beads!

Once you’ve collected all your floor beads, take some time to play with them on a bead board. Odds are they won’t all work together and you may need to combine them with other beads and findings from your stash to make the perfect piece of jewelry. It took a few tries for me to get them in just the right order, but I’m very happy with my new floor bead bracelet!

What treasures have you found on the floor?

Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen


2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • I keep a small penlight in my traveling bead studio, for times such as the one where I’ve dropped the last bead of that particular color on the floor of the doctor’s office wating room and cannot proceed without it. What?? Yes, I have been down on my hands and knees looking for a bead in public. Haven’t you?

  • FusionBeads.com

    We’ve all been there Betty! If you bead in public you have to be prepared to rescue stray beads, even when it’s awkward. :)

    Happy beading!

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