Bead Crochet Addiction!

I’m addicted. I can’t stop.  Every time I wake up I think about it. Luckily it’s a healthy beading habit, but I still might need to get some help.  I CAN’T STOP bead crocheting! For years, I’ve wanted to learn, and I tried a few times, but got stuck and discouraged. And then one day the light bulb went off, everything clicked into place and I got it! And I haven’t stopped since. If you followed the beading challenge, you probably noticed my addiction. Almost every piece I made somehow incorporated bead crochet. So I have to admit that I do know how to crochet, so that could be an advantage, but it really is easy to get once you start.

To start you off, we’ve got a HUGE selection of seed beads to pick from. I would suggest to begin with that you go easy on yourself and start with size 8 seed beads, Pearl cotton thread and a size 1.75mm crochet hook. The easiest start to see what you are doing, is to start with 6 different color beads. This will make a beautiful spiral pattern if you string them in a repeating A, B, C, D, E, F pattern.

You have to string up all the beads before you start crocheting, so either use a twisted wire needle with a collapsible eye, or create a hitch with beading thread and a regular needle. You’ll need about 600 Size 8 seed beads strung up to make a bracelet.

We’ve got amazing techniques to show you how to start and finish your piece. Follow along with the step by step pictures to get started! The first couple rows can be challenging, but the alternating colors should make it easier to follow along.

Once you’ve finished your first bracelet, the sky’s the limit. I kept making bracelets at first, working with solid colors or our seed bead mixes strung up in random patterns. Every once in a while I’ll add in a section of fire polished beads similar to projects in Bead Crochet Jewelry by Bert Rachel Freed and Dana Elizabeth Freed.

Once I felt comfortable enough with my skills, I tried a pattern. I got this cute flower and vine pattern from The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox Wells, and made this cute bracelet for my niece for Christmas.

We’ve also created graph paper that you can use to plot out your own design. I made a cute random triangle pattern with metal beads and a bold coral color.

After that, I tried sizing down to Size 11 seed beads and micro cord and a 1mm crochet hook. These make a more delicate thinner bracelet and I have even made little loops and connected them like chain links. Right now I’m working on a mint bracelet made out of all chain links!

If you are working with a solid color scheme or a random mix you can even try using the bead spinner to get your bead strung up, which saves a LOT of time!

I love everything about bead crochet, but one of the things that I like most about it is that I can bring it with me everywhere, and since everything is all strung up, I just need my hook and I’m set to go. It’s a great plane project or bus commute to work!

Share your bead crochet projects with us on our Facebook page and show us what you are working on!


Happy Bead Crocheting!  – Katie


7 comments to Bead Crochet Addiction!

  • Laura Williams

    I could have written you introduction, many times I have tried to bead crochet but alas, still can’t. I will keep trying. Thanks for these instructions.

  • gloria stanley

    Can you recommend a book that teaches how to get started? Did you have to hand count each individual bead you had to place on the thread? This looks like a great thing to learn and your bracelets are lovely!

  • Beverly

    Oh I get it!!! It took me a long time to figure it out. I retired several teachers and shed tears…but I wanted to learn it so bad. Finally. And I must say it is my favorite stitch to do. One reason is that it is so portable once you have strung all the beads on your project. I would encourage “anyone” to try it. If I can do it anyone can !!

  • Debbie

    I too am addicted, I have many projects like these. I work with size 8 to 15’s. I was pearls, sead beads & delica’s. I have also used Swarovski with number 8 beads. I have made many patterns with graphs, including roses, & ribbons for breast cancer. I donate the ribbon ones to my friend who holds auctions. I find making these n=beads, relaxing & rewarding. I use size .6mm hook for my sead beads & my size 15 delicas.

  • Lini

    It took me 5 attempts but now I finally made my first bracelet. Just finished and got already new beads and ordered 4 books……… do understand you can get addicted.
    I do love your bracelets ( especially the one with 2 colours )and the loops.

  • Claudia

    I am addicted as well! I just can’t stop. So far, I’ve made 3 bracelets and have just started my fourth. Experimenting with different sizes of bead, I have been working with two or three colors and/or two sizes of beads, always the spiral pattern. But I think I am ready to follow a pattern now.
    I love knitting, I love crocheting, I love beading,and now I am totally addicted to bead crochet!
    Thank you for sharing your work. It is awesome!

  • Hajer

    I would really like to know what type and numbers of beads are used in the picture where some beads are strung to the bobbin! Thanks a lot!

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