Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Color plays a huge role in jewelry designs, but with a wide world of shades and hues, choosing the colors can be overwhelming! How are you supposed to find the right combination for a project? This week I’ve interviewed some of my fellow Fusion employees to find out how they choose the colors for their jewelry designs!

Sam’s designs are strongly influenced by her personal color palette. “I am naturally drawn to mint, gray and mustard.”  When she’s not making jewelry to fit into a specific niche in her wardrobe, Sam’s making jewelry in those three shades.

Gabby’s love for her hometown of Detroit is well known around the office, so many of her designs are in her favorite teams’ colors. If she’s not celebrating the Tigers, Gabby lets her design or pattern influence the colors of the piece. “It’s hard for me to think of what color the pieces of the structure will be if I don’t have a clear vision of the structure yet.”

Cody often lets the colors of the beads themselves inspire her jewelry creations, waiting for just the right moment when a design comes together from supplies already in her bead stash. But she also uses color ideas from her own wardrobe and the world around her. “Since it is summer right now I find myself wanting to make bright colorful jewelry, mostly with enameled beads and findings.”

Joysha had the most unconventional answer with, “If it looks too delicious too eat, then I pick those colors.”

Jessica finds color inspiration everywhere – creating color palettes for her work from nature, bead soups, art pieces and fabric scraps. Once she has a general palette in mind, Jessica starts expanding it by “using textures and colors that pop in some way.” Other times she’ll start with a specific design in mind and let the design itself influence her color selections. “I think my biggest influence in color selection is simply being in the world and observing all the different colors, textures, the play of light, layers in the landscape, shapes in art and architecture. [There’s] so much to take in, interpret and express!”

How do you choose the colors for your jewelry designs?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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