Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Let’s face it, mistakes happen! Even the most careful bead weaver will occasionally miss a stitch, add an extra bead or lose their place in a pattern. Today’s tips will help you correct those inevitable mistakes without causing a bigger mess!

The best way to correct a bead weaving error is to pull out your stitching back to the mistake and re-stitch it. It’s tempting to just feed your threaded needle back through your work to undo the stitching, but this can lead to pierced threads and an even worse tangled mess!

Instead, take the needle off your thread and gently pull the thread out of your work until you reach the mistake. Go slow and collect your beads as they come off the thread. I like to use the tip of my needle to loosen the stitches and make it easier to pull the thread out of my beads. If you turn your needle around and use the eye end to do this you’re less likely to pierce and weaken the thread and less likely to jab yourself!

You might be surprised how quickly your project gets back on track!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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