Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

If you’re in the mood to make a new summer bracelet, today’s tip will help you figure out how long to cut the cord for any size of wrapped cord bracelet!

Start with the wrist measurement. This is the length of each wrap of your bracelet. Then multiply the wrist measurement by the number of times you want the bracelet to wrap around the wrist. Add 12 inches to allow enough extra length to add your clasp and keep the wraps from being too tight. For the final step, multiply by 2 so you have enough cord to fold in half and go along each side of your beads.

As an example, I like to wear 6 inch bracelets. For a 4 wrap bracelet I would multiple 6 inches x 4 to get 24 inches. I would then add 12 inches for a total of 36 and multiply that length by 2 to know I need to cut a 72 inch length of cord for my bracelet.

For tips on getting the most accurate wrist measurements, check out this previous Tips & Tricks Post from May and you can find full instructions on how to make wrapped cord bracelets in our Techniques!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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