Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

A package of memory wire, 2 tools and a handful of beads is all you need to make quick and fun bracelets this summer! Stacked bracelets are all the rage and there’s no faster way to make or wear a set of these than memory wire. With this short supply list and today’s […]

Easy Arm Candy!

Stacked bracelet sets are everywhere these days, and the hottest way to wear them is to pile them up, layer them on, and mix them up! A fun way to get this look without having to make so many bracelets is to make an eclectic memory wire bracelet with a variety of beads and […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

The first time I ran out of thread during a bead weaving project I was stumped. How was I supposed to attach more thread to finish my project? Should I have starting my project with more thread? Was I supposed to knot my old and new threads together or somehow glue them? Fortunately […]

Quick Start Peyote Cards to the Rescue!

OH MY GOSH! Can I just tell you how excited I am to learn about the Quick Start Peyote cards?! When I first saw them, I was a little skeptical. Not skeptical that they wouldn’t work, but more like, “Could it really be that helpful?” Well, let me tell you – I’m sold! Traditionally, […]